HPT Cone Crusher

HPT Cone Crusher

HPT series hydraulic cone crusher is absorbing the world advanced technology developed crushing Cone crusher with advanced level, are widely used in metallurgy, construction, hydropower, traffic, Chemical industry, building materials industry, suitable for crushing hard, medium hardness of the above all kinds of ores and rocks Stone. HPT series hydraulic cone crusher cone crusher is a high performance, in the design will turn Speed, stroke, type of crushing chamber was optimized, the realization of intergranular interparticle breakage, Significantly increased the yield, the shape of the product is greatly improved.

Working Principle of HPT Cone Crusher

When HPT Cone Crusher working, the rotation of the motor through a belt pulley or linkage coupling, drive shaft of cone crusher and cone crusher Cone of force in the eccentric sleeve to move around a week, the fixing point swing motion. So that the crushing cone crushing Bi sometimes rely on Near and sometimes leave is fixedly arranged in the adjusting sleeve on the mortar wall surface, the ore in the crushing cavity is being challenged, extrusion And bending and realize the ore crushing.

Features of HPT Cone Crusher

1. The Shanghai A&C HPT cone crusher can be according to the material of different granularities adjusting cavity type is suitable, the same cone crusher can be used in the second section, third section, fourth section of production in the crushing process, can produce different size of the finished product, to meet the different needs of customers. By replacing the crusher stroke, can effectively control the material throughput, so that it and other crushing equipment operation coordination, neither short material and will not plug the machine jammed, help you get the best feeding condition setting, ensure that the final product yield maximization.
2. using a control with automatic control disc form of electronic touch screen IC50, IC50 automation system provides a variety of suitable for various requirements of production control mode. In order to obtain stable output, the machine can run in a fixed setting. To compensate for wear, automation system can automatically adjust the tension side of the discharge port settings, to ensure that always use the best settings. If you need to restore the maximum, IC50 automation system can automatically and continuously adjust settings, so that the driving power and the crushing force is maintained at a desired level.
3. compared with similar products, performance is more reliable, more secure operation, this thanks to the top quality steel. In the crushing of applications under harsh conditions, unremitting research and development of manganese steel and metallurgical composite materials, ensure the operation reliability of SKC-H cone crusher.

Technical data

HPT Cone Crusher
Model Cavity Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Maximum Installed Power(kw)
HPT100 C1(Extra Coarse) 140


50-140 90
C2(Coarse) 100 13
M(Medium) 70 9
F1(Fine) 50 9
F2(Extra Fine) 20 6
HPT200 C2(Coarse) 185 19 90-250 160
M(Medium) 125 16
F1(Fine) 95 13
F2(Extra Fine) 75 10
HPT300 C1(Extra Coarse) 230 25 110-440 250
C2(Coarse) 210 19
M(Medium) 150 16
F1(Fine) 105 13
F2(Extra Fine) 80 10
HPT400 C1(Extra Coarse) 295 30 135-630 315
C2(Coarse) 251 25
M(Medium) 196 20
F1(Fine) 110 13
F2(Extra Fine) 90 10
HPT500 C1(Extra Coarse) 330 38 220-790 400
C2(Coarse) 290 30
M(Medium) 210 22
F1(Fine) 135 16
F2(Extra Fine) 95 13
HPT800 C1(Extra Coarse) 350 38 310-1200 630

C2(Coarse) 299 32
M(Medium) 265 25
F1(Fine) 220 16
F2(Extra Fine) 150 13